I have had the pleasure of working with Carol on numerous occasions as we have entrusted her with our own financing needs. I have also personally referred many friends, family and clients to Carol to assist them with their mortgage financing, renewals, debt consolidation and refinancing. Carol provides exceptional service and is extremely knowledgeable in her field. She is very thorough, organized and provides a hands on approach to all her files. I would highly recommend her services. Carol is truly a pleasure to work with.


I recently purchased my first income property, and am grateful to have been recommended (and to have worked with) Carol for this endeavour. On our very first call, it was instantly clear that she was the type of agent who takes the time to consider her client’s context and needs. She was patient with my many questions, offered sage advice about levels of risk, and ultimately provided me with the right option for my purchase.

We worked together in a market rife with bidding wars and I also wanted to make the purchase within a short time window, so I didn’t make it an easy task for Carol! Her availability, no matter the time crunch, to verify whether I could bid on a property was incredibly helpful. She kept “her finger on the pulse”, and even offered me a renewed quote when mortgage rates changed over the course of my property search.  When I finally found my winner, the chaotic pace of the closing process and paperwork made it so that there was an error in the payment schedule on record. Without hesitation, Carol was swift to take corrective action.

Carol is a shrewd and discerning professional whom I will no doubt rely on for future purchases, and whom I would happily recommend to others!”

“Deepa” – Ottawa

For the first time in my adult life, I actually had to do some adulting and go out and get a mortgage for myself. I’ve had to do a lot of things lately for myself that I have never had to do before. Carol had come highly recommended by a mutual friend and I am more than glad to have reached out to her to obtain a mortgage on my new home!! Carol has gone above and beyond to help me ease into the transition of obtaining a mortgage for my home. She has made me feel comfortable with the whole process. If I didn’t understand something she was kind and patient and explained it until I did.  Carol is extremely professional and sincerely cares about her clients in wanting to obtain a mortgage that best suits them.I   wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her!!!


I’ve worked with Carol with mutual clients for many years. Being a Realtor it is very important that my clients have amazing representation for their mortgage and Carol is that and more. I’ve recently sold my family home and downsized. Without question Carol was my go to for my own financing. Her knowledge, patience and true understanding of my needs were nothing less than amazing. I was very grateful to have her on my side. I highly recommend Carol Falle for your mortgage needs. If you are looking for the best you’ve found her.


What can we say, we have never actually met Carol other than email and phone, we have worked with Carol twice, first on our original mortgage (first time home buyers) and now on our 5 year mortgage renewal mixed with an equity loan to help pay off our credit card and secure funds for a kitchen renovation.  Each time we have worked with Carol “virtually” and I truly regret the distance between us, if Carol is in person anything like she is on email and phone communication then she is simply wonderful.  Pleasure to work with, and Carol answers her phone on weekends and evenings, goes above and beyond what is required to help her customers.  Both our original mortgage and our renewal were unique situations, there was a little bit of a “bad credit” do to error in reporting from the credit agencies as well as a unique income situation as my partner is a full time student so getting his income recognized by a lender was a bit of a challenge.

Carol worked with us and went beyond the call of duty, she helped us clean up our credit report, guided us in the right direction to build up our credit score and helped us secure our first mortgage, working with us months ahead of our purchase.  Carol made the experience so easy, she was pleasant and very patient with us as “first time home buyers” and the 3 million questions that we had.  As we closed on our mortgage we knew we had gotten the best deal available, even when “our” bank wouldn’t work with us, because we did not fit in their criteria for lending Carol worked with us and secured us a great mortgage.

No wonder 5 years down the road, after keeping in touch, and I love that Carol sends me a birthday Card every year electronically the first place we turned to when renewal came was Carol.  Again we were in a unique situation, our financial position and credit standing had improved very much, so we had more bargain power.  Again Carol tirelessly worked with us to secure us the best deal possible, we re-financed our mortgage at a higher value (after a home evaluation) which allowed us to secure funds to pay off some unexpected debt and secure funds for a kitchen renovation of our home.  Carol made the whole experience a snap, I couldn’t believe how easy it was.

Right from day one she was upfront with us, giving us options and possibilities, letting us decide how we want to proceed but giving us guiding light and the best possible case scenarios along the way.  Carol took the time to explain everything, and answered countless emails of mine with questions about details.  Carol handled everything right from the get go, arranging contact between a home appraiser, legal folks and so on, to pay off our existing mortgage and transfer to a new lender, where we got an awesome interest rate as well as funds for our renovations.  Carol was in touch during the whole process and made it pain free.  She is very patient and understanding, but most of all, she looks out for her clients and makes sure that they get a great deal.  She will even work with people (like us) where things are out of norm, and help guide you in the right direction to secure the mortgage you require.  Carol is very personable and pays great attention to detail, she knows her stuff.

After dealing with Carol twice, and keeping in touch over the years we will NEVER deal with the bank direct, not only can she get better rates, she makes the whole process fun and takes time to understand, you are not just a number when dealing with Carol, you are a client that she cares about deeply.  As stated at the beginning of the testimonial, the only regret is that we never got to meet Carol in person … but I’m sure the opportunity will come up.  Rest assured, in 5 years when renewal is due Carol will be the first person we call.  She can’t retire, she’s too good.  Trust me, don’t deal with the banks, deal with Carol, she will get you a  great deal and you will get a new friend along the way.  And if you’re like me and finances are not your strong point Carol will definitely help you out and take time to explain things and make it clear as day.   If I were to rate Carol’s service out of 100% I would give her 200%.

M. Najder – Hamilton

Just wanted to share a quick note to express how pleased we were with the level of service we recently received from Ms. Carol Falle when renewing our mortgage. We’ve worked with Carol before and are so glad we decided to do so again. Carol has a way of making what can sometimes be a very complicated process seem so easy. She took the time to listen to what it is we wanted, provided solid advice and recommendations, answered all of our questions promptly, and made the process of filling out the required paperwork as simple as can be. Best of all, she succeeded in securing a mortgage rate for us that was even lower than what we had originally been quoted! Would definitely recommend Carol to anyone in need of mortgage-related services.


Yann & Sylvie B., Orléans, ON

This is the 3rd time we’ve had Carol Falle handle our mortgage needs and each time she delivered! It didn’t matter what we needed Carol for, she was there to assist us in obtaining a mortgage when the banks “guaranteed” us to be qualified.  The first time we dealt with Carol was for a traditional mortgage, the second time was when we decided to consolidate some debt and save a ton of money on interest.  The third time was when we decided to build our dream home.  She is a very hard working individual who keeps on top of things, which is a rarity in this day and age!  During the construction of our house we (my wife and I) were in constant communication with how the build was going.  She organized the appraisal inspections, the disbursement of funds (working in conjunction with our lawyer) and kept an eye on the budget.  The best part about having Carol on your team is that she is a person who will do everything in her power to get you the best deal possible!  I work shift work and she was always there for me; if not in the office she was available by email and always replied within a reasonable amount of time.  I have recommended Carol to many guys on the job and I know that I will never deal with a bank again regarding a mortgage.  Thank you Carol for making our dream house a reality!  We couldn’t have done it without you!

D. & A. Hoar, Monkland, Ontario

I just wanted to send a quick note of thanks to Carol for her excellent service.  Carol has done 2 mortgages for me in the past 4 1/2 years and each time she has been prompt, professional and very attentive.  Her attention to detail is unsurpassed!  For example, Carol called me in November to advise that the rates were low and she believed it would be a good time for me to redo my mortgage at a more favourable rate.  In doing so, she saved me a lot of money and my monthly payments are also less now.  I appreciate someone who goes over and above their job to even anticipate your future needs.  She doesn’t just provide excellent service when I’ve had a request, she also looked out for me even when I wasn’t aware that I could save some money by renegotiating.  I’m in the real estate business and have recommended Carol to numerous people in the past few years, both professionally and personally, and I definitely won’t hesitate to recommend her in future.

Sincere thanks for everything you have done for me.

C. Norton, Ottawa, Ont

 I can’t say enough about Carol!  She has been a such pleasure to work with throughout the process.  From the start, Carol was very approachable and always made herself available to me via phone, email at any time of the day and season as Carol worked just prior to and throughout the Christmas break to ensure our mortgage could close on Jan 11th.  I really felt that I wasn’t just another client and that Carol gave our file her utmost attention and focus at all times.  Carol is extremely professional in her business dealings and managed our file with consideration, respect and attention to detail.  When Carol put us in touch with the mortgage appraiser, I found the appraiser to be a similar high calibre individual, which is a testament to Carol’s great professional network.

I am only sorry that Carol did such a great job for us that we now have to wait until we come up to re-mortgage to work with her again!  We were so very fortunate that we were put in touch with Carol, as I can’t imagine a more capable person to have as our mortgage broker.  I have mentioned to Carol that I am already starting to refer people to her so she can help other people the way she did for us.  I think Carol is a star performer and a great person.  We’ll definitely be reaching out to Carol again for any and all of our mortgage needs in the future!!

L & D Meranger, Ottawa


Carol Falle is one of those amazing people that you just say wow! Smart, organized, professional and always gets the job done. I have seen exceptionally positive feed back from Carol’s many happy clients. Her take charge personality has helped her to get her clients something better that no one else could. No challenge is to small or big for her to tackle. I have known Carol for many many years, and am delighted to have her on my team at Dominion Lending Centres The Mortgage Source.

N. Van Berlo – Broker/Owner