Why it PAYS to stay in touch with your Mortgage Agent!!!

General Carol Falle 13 Dec

  While you were researching your options for your current mortgage, you probably spent a fair bit of time speaking with your mortgage agent. You may not realize that your mortgage agent can still be a valuable resource many years from now.     Your Mortgage Agent understands your needs. Whatever situation you might find […]

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General Carol Falle 2 Nov

How much house can you afford? We hear it all the time. The housing market is still in a slump and there are dozens of houses just a short drive from where you live that really need an owner and you may be that person. It’s fate, right? Not so fast! If you noticed that […]

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The Devil in Fine Print

General Carol Falle 22 Oct

The Devil In The Fine Print www.canadianmortgagetrends.com Mortgages sometimes have costly or irritating restrictions that you won’t know about unless you read the fine print or ask a mortgage professional. Some examples: Restrictions on breaking your mortgage before the term is up Restrictions on breaking your mortgage for the first 3 years A penalty surcharge […]

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